Self hosted document management and file sharing solution with lifetime packages

Installs on any private Linux, Mac, Windows server or Web Hosting account


Some prominent attributes

Sign in

Single sign in with two factor authentication. Supports LDAP, Oath2 & other protocols. Guest user access shared info without sign in.


Different type of users- regular, admin, and guest user can access the system on the basis of defined permissions and rights. Collaborate within your team or even with external parties. 

Upload file

Easy drag and drop any file. Request your members / clients / suppliers to remotely upload file through secured link. Also direct save file from a folder linked to scanner. Access your files also via FTP, WebDisk. Sync files from desktop. Upload, download and manage the same files.



Easy search for a file or folder by name, type, metadata or custom tags. Precise extraction and data mining of content within files



Organise your files, photos, music and videos into folders and subfolders with thumbnails being displayed

Integration & Conversion

Integrated with apps like google docs editor, spreadsheets, documents, presentation viewer for content viewing and conversion. Convert one file type to another (eg. pdf to xls)



Versioning history of all documents. Ability to restore documents to previous version. Automatic file versioning prevents you from accidentally overwriting existing files.


Document labels, tags

Create custom tags, add labels, enter metadata and assign ratings for each document

Commenting & Previewing

View, add or delete comments on documents. Store comment communication history. Preview documents and videos 



 Documents can be instantly translated from one language to another as required by the users and admin then shared , saved or downloaded


The admin and users can receive notifications on actions performed on the different files that are in the system


Request third parties to remotely upload file through secured link directly to the server. Also access controlled integrated url shorteners makes sharing files with users and third parties a breeze



Password policy enforceable. Files can be stored outside the server public area, making direct access impossible. Support for HTTPS/SSL. SQL injections, XSS and session hijacking protection



Activity logs of each user is available to admin. Activity history of each document is available. Notifications are sent on actions done on files shared with third parties 


Advanced Encryption Standard deployable. Security pin enabled encrypted file sharing with time and view based access limiter.


Some benefits of our bestdms

Reduced storage space

Our software based DMS reduces the need for file cabinets, boxes, storage bins and offices  stored freeing up precious office space that can be used for other functions. The documents, music, photos and videos can be stored digitally in a centralized location for ease of access..

Enhanced security

We provide better control over sensitive information as access can be granted and controlled for each documentation type for different groups  or individuals both in the organization and third parties. Audit trails and activity logs are also available to the admin to improve accountability and traceability of all users

Improved collaboration

We provide easy collaboration of files through creation of groups for different functions/ departments in an organization. Group members are able to work on the same document by  adding or viewing comments, labels and tags. There is also versioning of all documents to ensure recovery of older versions of the document Is possible.

Easier retrieval

Files uploaded are automatically indexed to allow precise extraction and data mining. We provide a simple, fast and robust search function that enables users to find documents by name, type, label, content or customized metadata to reduce time wasted in searching.

Environmentally friendly

With a DMS there is a move to a paperless office which reduces the amount of paper needed in an organization as the focus is shifted to electronic documents 

Enhanced regulatory compliance

The different industries can be able to store different kinds of data and documents in  a centralized repository in the DMS as required by the government regulation compared to physical storage which often results in wear and tear.

 Managing your business doesn’t have to be hard.

Our Document management and sharing solution can handle any amount of data across documents, videos, music and images for all your complex requirement; so that you can focus and grow your business

Requesting KYC documents and compliance from our client members has always been a challenge. Now bestdms has made our process streamlined and easy, it is truly the best solution. We are able to deliver faster turnaround time.


Data Compliance Officer, Fintech startup

Collaboration within our teams has become much easier, by using the bestdms. We are able to search for documents instantly and share medical records in a secured environment. Love the level of support and handholding extended to us by the team of bestdms. 


CTO, Healthcare provider

We handle a lot of cross country legal data. Before bestdms, searching within contracts or legal documents meant hundreds of hours of manual work. Thanks to this amazing solution we can do in document search and translate the documents within few seconds.


Legal Head, International export house

Our offices were filled with files catering to old records, but still finding one record would be time consuming. We ended up hiring warehouses. Then came bestdms and helped us digitise all our records and automate the workflows. It is really very simple and easy to use. 


Information officer, Government

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